"What do you plan to do with your future?"


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This is by far my favorite tweet ever.

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I don’t throw the term genius around loosely, but..

I had a friend who had a wallet made from a Stayfree extra long wrapper and she took it travelling in Asia and a guy picked her pocket and he dropped it and screamed when he thought he had a pad in his hand.

That is the most beautiful story I’ve ever heard

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guys are so terrifying like they will really date a girl as a joke or make bets in their friend groups on who can fuck a girl first or take her virginity and that’s so scary this is a joke to them

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This month has been the shittiest. New house? Septic tank fails. Love your grandma? She’s dead. Love your job? It’s gone.

I hate mornings. Pulling a double today. Might as well make money while this place is still open.